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       Flamingo Lodge: Excursions

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Excursions from Flamingo Lodge involve the use of vehicles and equipment that we have available and involve additional charges. Visitors interested in undertaking an excursion should give prior notice so that we can ensure that the necessary personnel and equipment are available. The following pages show some of the excursions that we offer but others can be arranged to suite individual requirements.

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Boat Angling | Marine Tours | Desert Tours | Quad-bike Tours | Baia dos Tigers & Foz do Cunene

Boat Angling

Fishing Boat A wide variety of fish can be caught from boats in the vicinity of Flamingo Lodge. Trolling behind the backline provides great action for those interested in catching the inshore gamefish species such as Garric(Leervis) and Chad(Elf), while further offshore one can expect to catch tuna or many types of reef fish.

Bottom fishing results in excellent catches of a wide variety of species including trophy-sized Rock-Cods, Sea-Breams (Pargos) and Kob.

Marine Tours

Whale and dolphin sightings from Flamingo Lodge are an almost daily event in the winter and anyone wanting to get closer is likely to be well-rewarded by going out in one of our boats. Views of the rugged and diverse coastline are also well worth experiencing.

Desert Tours

namib desertDay, or longer tours which involve camping out, are recommended to those who would like to experience the beautiful landscapes that the area offers. Visits to the hot water springs at Pediva and the Arco on the shores of a huge natural freshwater lake are highlights of a drive through a geologically and ecologically highly diverse area.

Quad-bike Tours

quad bike toursFlamingo Lodge has 6 quad-bikes that can be hired either for use in the vicinity of the camp, or on overnight or more extended tours into the dune desert as far as the Cunene River mouth. These trips can be tailored according to group preferences and usually involve the use of an accompanying vehicle to carry fuel, camping equipment etc., and may include staying at our Foz do Cunene accommodation.

Baia dos Tigers & Foz do Cunene

dunesThese excursions are usually chosen by fishermen wanting to pit their strength against the large sharks and rays that abound in the Tigres lagoons, or those wanting to experience the unequalled catch rates of large kob that occur in the area of the Cunene River mouth.

For fishermen and non-fishermen alike the drive to these areas is breathtaking. The route taken is between high dunes and the sea, and is only passable at spring tides. The huge lagoons are populated with an abundance of bird life, Dolphins, turtles and jackals are common, and gemsbok and brown hyenas are frequently seen.

These excursions involve spending at least one night away from Flamingo Lodge either camping near the lagoons or at the Foz du Cunene accommodation.