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For anglers and non-anglers alike the drive through the Namib desert or Parque National du Iona is sufficient reason to visit Foz do Cunene. There are three overland routes that one can take. Visitors from the south approach via Oncocua and Iona having crossed the border either at Ruacana or Oshikango. This drive is only negotiable by 4 x 4 vehicles and takes at least two full days. The scenery is magnificent and is similar to that of the Koako Veld which has made northern Namibia justly famous.

The inland route from Flamingo Camp to the north takes approximately 11 hours, 340 km through a diversity of landscapes in which one will see herds of game, indigeonous tribal people, plains littered with Welwitchias, and fascinating rock formations. This route, on which 4 x 4 vehicles are necessary, is not passable when the Curoca River is flowing, which may be at any time between November and April. [click here to see map]

The coastal route from Flamingo Lodge to or From Foz du Cunene is passable year-round but only during the spring tides. This is a 230 km drive, most of it along the beach which, for much of the way, is bordered by high dunes which fall precipitously into the sea. Behind these dunes are a number of green oases and, near the southern end of Baia dos Tigres, massive lagoons teeming with fish and birds, must be negotiated. This route is very dangerous and should not be undertaken without the assistance of Angolan Adventure Safaris.

There is also an airstrip at Foz do Cunene which is useable by experienced pilots. It has no navigational aids or immigration post. Anyone interested in flying in must contact us so that the necessary arrangements can be made with the local officials.