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       Foz du Cunene: Angling

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Once at the mouth of the Cunene River one may expect the finest shore-fishing available anywhere in the world. [click here to see map] The warm-water plume exiting the mouth attracts and concentrates huge shoals of fish. Massive catches are made on bait or artificial lures, large kob (18kg+) are well represented in catches between November and March, with fish weighing over 30 kg an almost daily occurrence. One memorable catch was 11 leervis in 13 consecutive casts and then a kob of 50 kg - all on fly tackle!

For those interested in catching large sharks and rays, a short trip up the beach to the Baia dos Tigres lagoons will see them well-satisfied.

All fishing activities are done on a catch and release or tag and release basis and only fish kept is for the braai or pan.